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June 13, 2007



Hello, Mr Beerbong.

Indeed the N95 is a very nice device, but mabe if you want it, you should wait for all the bugs to be ironed out first, hence less stress to you. The RAM issue will never be fixed, but with periodic restarting of the phone, it should be ok. I think the features of the N95 to be absolutely fantastic, and it the ultimate in terms of "gadget" sporting GPS, bluetooth A2DP, smart phone capability, video and camera.

N76, you think the battery is too small, but be aware this particular unit uses a different CPU to the N95. It does not sport the dedicated video controller, so in essence will be less hungry for juice. Also remember N76 is a slim phone, so rather than Nokia being too cheap with putting in a bigger battery, I thnk that is all they could fit in such a tiny clam shell phone. It is a pity that the camera in N76 could not have been better, even the 7390 fashion clamshell phone sports autofocus and 3MP sensor, but if photos are not your thing, then N76 indeed is the ideal solution.

Rita Khoury

Well, I don't know about teh N76, honestly, I'm not that much into sliders/flip phones. I'm more of a candy bar lover so my crush phone for the moment is the E61i, then comes the E90. Honeslty, big screen and qwerty are getting one of my top priorities now. But I don't have any money, and you do, and you're gonna buy that phone, so it's ur choice. Do give the E61i a look anyway, I think you'll love holding it in ur hands :D


n95 bro!! come one!! definitely n95!!

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