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July 29, 2007



well i have tried this and it only gives me the voices. it says my map software is not compatable withthe map software offered by nokia maps?? What do i do here?? thanks.
Sorry to sound rude but im getting very frustrated with this.


well i downloaded that map thing and when i tried to install it on my phone it said you need to run the map on your phone before you load the other maps and i cant use the map in my phone.and secondly my computer got infected with virus because of what i downloaded. how can i make it work please


I downloaded all maps, but if i start program in N95, i don't see any map. where is the problem ?


Quite inspiring,

My phone came with maps... at least i think it did...

Thanks for writing about it

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How to integrate Garmin GPS 18 with MSN's or Google's satellite and
street maps? Is there an appealing option? The software that ships
with the Garmin falls short of the MSN and Google counterparts.

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