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July 29, 2007



How does the battery life compare between the two handhelds?


You know what i say, the n95 is way better than the n76. ofcourse i accept that the n95 has a lot of bugs with it but that's pretty much standard with the amount of complexity that gos into it. If you need an all-in-one communications, navigation and imaging device and don't mind charging it every night, Nokia's N95 raises the bar in the mobile world. And the battery problem can be solved in many ways too. Like using a solar powered charger from brando or by using the heavyduty n95 battery available now.(i've posted it at
about the slider i think the space that comes on the right side of the slider is due to something that is getting worn of there- i say this because when we open or close the slider we mostly use the right side of the slider to press and slide it up, and the pressure must be rubbing on something in there.Anyways it's something that all n95 users have some to accept. Except me that is! i sent it back to nokia the very next day.


@ Art: Quite difficult to say! The Thing is that my Provider has a terribly stupid Price Policy for Data Plans, so it's difficult to browse as much as i would like to ..

I've posted a little Overview on the Battery Life on Symbian Freak some Time ago, when i had the Trial Device from WOM World, you can read it right here: ... The N76 has a worse Battery on Paper but for me it lasted nearly as long as the N95, i think only 30 mins Difference, with nearly the same Activity ..


@ diLin: Hi mate, nice to meet your first of all!! :)

i totally agree with you, the N95 is a very complex, feature-loaded Device and i can live with the little Probs it gives, except of the bad RAM Amount and the buggy FW .. i think we have to wait some Time now for the next Update .. The N95 is indeed a superb Device, i don't mind charging it every Night (i think i even have to charge it twice a day).

About the Slider: Nope it's definitely NOT because of the Pressure when you open it on the right Side, it's since been Day 1 .. You can hear the Noise on the Video, but anyway, i'm going to the NSC next Week to replace it and change the Back-Cover to Plum hehe ..


I had to return my N95 after two days because of the buzzing noise coming from the screen and the wobbly slider. I exchanged it for another one that had a better slider, but still had the buzzing.

In the end, I asked for my cash back. I'm going to wait for a hardware revision of the whole device before I buy it. Maybe the black N95 would come without these issues!

Norman John

great review.
Me pissed the quality of the N95 off,too.
The slider and the camera are really bad!
I wish you good luck in the NSC.I was there, but hey didn`t repair my slider, they destroy it :(
However, have a good time with your N95.

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