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August 12, 2007


Steve Litchfield

Eh? Which one is Burger King? And I speak as a Nokia E90 user. The iPhone and the E90 are at complete opposite ends of the user spectrum in terms of needs and tech ability. Apart from the funny photo there's simply no need to compare them. 8-)


Well in that case i'd like to call the E90 the luxury one, speaking of Features ..

For me personally the iphone, except for the UI, is nothing special, i can't see any ground-breaking stuff PLUS the iphone has many Lacks - i don't know if i should laugh or cry about!

So i pretty much agree with you Steve, you can't compare the iphone with the E90!

Nice to realize you read my Blog by the way, i'm really honored :)


hey i read from elite bastard that you cant sort your inbox messages to seperate folders. Is this true because i believe it is necessary to be able to put your business-related messages in a folder so as to avoid deleting them. I hope You can Confirm this. Thanks.

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