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August 20, 2007



Good review of the front screen! It is amazing, it does so much, we almost never have to open the flip anylonger! Guess this may be a good thing, as by the looks of things with issues with build quality, one would not really want to open and close the flip too much in the fear it may come loose, just joking.

Oh N93 has a full colour front screen, just rather useless, onyl tells time, date, caller, and MP3 or radio stations while unit is closed.

Michael aka BeerBong

yeah i've seen the N93's Screen quickly in Vegas .. it's just not comparable .. at least something good on the Chromekiller lol

Vishnoo Rath

I was trying to figure out how the calender gets displayed on the external display. Thanks to your site, I did not have to read the Nokia Manual.


Cheap Computer Canada

I have an imate, n im loving it more than any phone i had !


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