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August 03, 2007



Good write up and I pretty much agree with everything. Some are technically a bit difficult to implement without creating negative "side-effects", but technology advances all the time and that brings new solutions to old problems :)

Microdrive HDDs could be a possible HDD solution if HDDs would be needed. As it's basically a CF card with a HDD inside it, it would be possible to backup all of the stuff to your computer fast by a card reader which supports CF cards. Of course the phone could be used as a mass storage device and it could be backed up that way as well, but that tends to be a bit slow.

At the moment Microdrives go all the way up to 8GB. Normal memory cards aren't that much behind in storage space and memory cards don't have mechanical parts. So memory cards are much more reliable and they can also be smaller. They might also need less power to work. So I'm not sure Microdrives are that good, but if HDDs are needed for some reason (they are faster), it's a possibility :)

Like Windows has "Virtual Memory", Microdrives could be used as a poor man's RAM extension.

Roland Tanglao

i agree, but would be content with usable amounts of RAM, faster auto-focus and real flash

Xander Treffers

About the camera: the camera of the N95:

-->it has a special setting for close-ups on small objects, etc. And it works great!

Furthermore: I would love user-interface improvements like this, for the Maps application:

Link address book to Maps...Have a button in the contact list that says "navigate to", so that you can easely navigate to your contacts

Start the GPS from the maps, instead of having to go to the GPS utility

Being able to read the route-comments better...

Just a few things I can think of right nowwww....

Michael aka BeerBong

sounds good Xander ..

actually you have pointed out some things i didn't think about yet - i should start using GPS more :D

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