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September 08, 2007



IMHO, the best and most functional for me is the twist form. i hav 3250 for over 17 months and it works just like new! btw, im w8ng for the next Nseries phone in my favorite form factor.. probably b called N30?! - "The Multimedia Computer with a Twist!" LOL i wish it would hav an AF camera with of course nextGen N-gage platform support, WOW! =) oh yeah i got to say dis, d worst form factor i guess would be d swivel..


I prefer flip phones since the main screen is protected.. Now I'm using the multi-form-factor n93.. which also protect the main screen ehhe

Rita El Khoury

Viperkid, I totally agree, twist is the best form factor. I have had a 3250 for 15months myself.
The twist adds fonctionnality without adding volume to the phone. And like you, I'm seriously waiting for that swivel to be applied to an N-Series or high-end device, with probably N-Gage buttons on the other side :), andan improved Cam (AF and neon flash?)
Seriously, if you haven't used a side camera (like the one on the 3250), you don't know what it feels like to have a secret camera in your back pocket. Snapping pics and vids of people standing 2 feet away from you has NEVER been any easier, at the restaurant, in clubs, in classrooms, in everyday life... the saide cam is the MAIN reason i'm holding to my 3250 :D

horia stanescu

Candybar is the best for me. Very easy to use. Think when you are in a car, driving, and must call someone:-)


The feel on the N93 is great (as I own one).

For the single flip link, it is rock solid, at least on my N93. After months of abuse, the flip link did not came loose and still have that stiff feeling, mainly it is made of metal parts, not plastic.

And unlike N76 and N71, you don't get keypad marks on the N93 screen as the screen part is recessed.

This great feeling is the main reason why I'm still reluctant to switch to N95 :)


Hi everybody,

I personally prefer sliderphones. Since some time the electronics can be made so thin, that there is no need for the additional volume of candybars. I never liked Flipphones, but still, they make more sense than candybars.

Look at todays candybars: big display, way too small keys and flat, does not smooth into your hand.

Regards from bavaria :)


Candybar: as it is very solid, and I use these phone more and more everyday.

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I think it's a nice contribution, specially if we are a technological blogger, but I'm going to add something else: slate phone is a subset of the bar form that, like a slate computer, has minimal buttons, instead relying upon a touchscreen and virtual QWERTY keyboard and this'll be new technology. 2j3j

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