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September 16, 2007


Stefan Constantinescu

The latest SE's do multitask. Pics of sister? ;-)

Michael aka BeerBong

yeah i know but i'm not sure about the V630i ;) ..

pics of my sister? dude she's 15 lol .. Thanks for commenting stefan!

Rita El Khoury

Lol, nice nice post Michael. I love these "newcomer" looks at symbian and Nokias. My friend actually got an N76 and she said that the chrome peeling didn't bother her the least, she also got quite used to the useful mirror feature (no more separate mirror in the bag). She also got quite used to the keypad.
Fingerprints don't annoy her since we're classmates so every now and then (read: every hour) I take the phone, wipe it, so it's bright and shining.
She also loved the fact that the flip can be set to open on a 110 degrees to be used very conveniently on desks.
PC suite wasn't such a hassle, neither different keys since she's pretty much a tech geek and was used to s60, having owned a 6630 :)


I'm 16 years old and I have a nokia n93. hehe.. Nice review from your sister.. hehe


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