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November 26, 2007


Rita El Khoury

WB michael! First post in a while. I like what you are talking about, been thinking about it for a while now. Hardware stability and design v/s function and specs. Seems like nokia is gambling a lot nowadays.

Vaibhav Sharma

Welcome back bro!
N i compltely agree! What is worse is that original official replacement faceplate and keypad is very expensive!!!

Tarek Ghazali

WB Micheal. It's been a long time!

If you wonder what a N80 would look like after months of use, check out this:

So are you really back or what? :)

Christian Titze

Wow! That´s strange. Shame on you Nokia, that´s not worth 700€, you can buy copys from China with better buildquality.

Will you send it back to Nokia? I hope so.

And was this your comeback to the blogging world?


Ahhh new entry!
yeah ive heard so many things about the bad quality about especially the joystick of the n73 and the paint of n76... i heard some sliders on the n95 get loose too... as far as the n80 is concerned ive owned one for nearly a year and when i sold it, it could have passed off for new!! the slider was still fine and no scraches whatsoever... but then again im extra super careful with my phone... so i cant really say! after all i did pay a bomb for it, and so am very very VERY (cant stress it enough) careful with my phone!


The metal-look plastic on my N80 lasted a year before wearing off, but it was inevitable it would. The bits on the N80 that are fine are the metal faceplate and the screen.

It's not just Nokia though, and not restricted to mobile phones. It's just the obsession with cheap plastic. I hate plastic on a lot of things these days. Even plastic kitchen utensils annoy me (kitchen scissors with plastic screws that fall apart, plastic handles that fall off things, plastic that discolours with heat like on kettles and toasters, etc).

Worse is all this plastic is consuming oil resources and bad for the environment. Let's get back to metal!

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I would like to know what is the major function of the nokia 95...and what is so special with the nokia ot still follow the trend even now is already 2010.

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I have my Nokia N95 (classic) for more than 4 Months now and i can't believe how ridiculous the Overall-Manufacture on this, at that Time more than 700 Euro expensive, "Flagship"-Device is .. If you don't believe me, watch the Pictures, cause they speak louder than Words!

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