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February 06, 2008



Sad news mate, but happy you'll come back on sf ;)

See you there! :)


Sad to see you go, man, but I'm glad to know you're not leaving Symbian altogether.

Kirollos Fares

You scared the crap outta me!!

thought you'll be gone forever!!

Guess I'll be reading SF more often :)

Rita El Khoury

really sad to see you go, but i understand that sometimes taking care of several things at the same time can be horrendous... catch you on SF!


ok .. good to lose part from my huge feeds and keeping a great blogger ;)


Ah sad news bro :( but anyway... see u at sf ;)

m3 ds

hey...have a nice time over their and we will follow you sure at their sites too...But keep blogging and share your thought with friends...some time our difficulty also may be milestone for other lives.


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Winter jackets

There are many things in our lives that are easily gone or broken. Therefore, we will gradually learn to become apathetic and indifferent towards everything. Maybe oftentimes, we are inclined to believe in ourselves rather than trust and rely on others, because in our lives, nothing will stay with us eternally and all will be gone one day eventually.

r4 ds

see you at another blog.

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